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Camp Dates: 

                               @ UCLA June 30- July 4

Cost:  $595

Why I love Camp....

  • Above and beyond

    "At FCA camp I was able to meet with other Christians and meet people with a really deep passion in Christ. It was really inspiring to see people my age going above and beyond for Christ."
    ~Kiana. Camper

  • From servant to staff

    Serving as huddle leader at Total Athlete Camp was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. God never failed to demonstrate His faithfulness and goodness as He drew students into relationship with Him. Serving as a huddle leader, I was always so encouraged by the ways in which God challenged me and grew my faith as I ministered to the girls in my huddle.

    My experiences at camp played an incredible role confirming my calling to come on staff with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I now get to serve as a huddle leader recruiter and train collegiate athletes to serve as huddle leaders at Total Athlete Camp. I love my role because I am able to encourage and empower the huddle leaders to embrace God's calling on their life and the impact they can have on younger athletes during their time at camp.

    - Jenn, Former Volleyball Huddle Leader, FCA Orange County Staff

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What is Total Athlete Camp?

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes operates the Total Athlete Camp with the goal of it being a week of inspiration and perspiration.  It will challenge athletes on and off the field or court as they are instructed through biblical teaching and trained in their sport.  Campers stay in the dorms on a beautiful campus, eat in great cafeterias, and compete at excellent facilities. 

Our sports are lead by college coaches from around California and practices are structured so that each participant can improve, whether trying to make a JV team or pursue a college athletic career.  The 7 practice sessions balance instruction and competition.

All campers are split into "huddles": small groups divided by age and sport, led by a current college athlete.  Huddles spend the majority of camp together, they are housed together, eat together, practice together, sit together at programs, and enjoy huddle meetings that unpack the camp experience.

Our camp vision is that every attendee will improve athletically, connect relationally, and encounter Jesus Christ powerfully.

Sports offered at Total Athlete Camp


@ UCLA: 

Girls - Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Surf, Sprint, Distance, Sand Volleyball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Tennis, Swimming

Guys - Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Surf, Football, Sprint, Distance, Wrestling, Tennis