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Camp Dates: 

                               @ UCLA June 30- July 4

Cost:  $595

Why I love Camp....

  • Renewed Passion

    FCA Camp renewed my passion for Christ and I enjoyed meeting other Christians that were on fire for God too.
    ~Ike, Camper

  • best week of the year

    FCA camp is always the best week out of the year for me personally. There is nothing like it. It is a place for me not to only grow as an athlete, something that is extremely important to me as a football player (even as a huddle leader I still grow as a collegiate football player), but more importantly I get to grow as a Christian man, the one thing that is more important to me than anything else. I am able to use my faith that I have in Jesus Christ with younger high school athletes and am able to help teach them you don't have to "leave Jesus behind" when you go out and play your sport. Instead, I am able to help teach/show them that you are a Christian first, athlete second, and that Jesus is still out on the field with you when you are playing. This is what I learned as a camper, that you can be a light and example for your teammates on and off the field, and that playing a sport gives you another opportunity to be a witness of Jesus Christ to not only your teammates, but to your opponents and even the fans in the stands. This is what FCA camp has taught me, it has changed my life, and now I am able to be used by God to try and do the same for younger student athletes who attend as campers.
    - Kenny

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What is Total Athlete Camp?

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes operates the Total Athlete Camp with the goal of it being a week of inspiration and perspiration.  It will challenge athletes on and off the field or court as they are instructed through biblical teaching and trained in their sport.  Campers stay in the dorms on a beautiful campus, eat in great cafeterias, and compete at excellent facilities. 

Our sports are lead by college coaches from around California and practices are structured so that each participant can improve, whether trying to make a JV team or pursue a college athletic career.  The 7 practice sessions balance instruction and competition.

All campers are split into "huddles": small groups divided by age and sport, led by a current college athlete.  Huddles spend the majority of camp together, they are housed together, eat together, practice together, sit together at programs, and enjoy huddle meetings that unpack the camp experience.

Our camp vision is that every attendee will improve athletically, connect relationally, and encounter Jesus Christ powerfully.

Sports offered at Total Athlete Camp


@ UCLA: 

Girls - Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Surf, Sprint, Distance, Sand Volleyball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Tennis, Swimming

Guys - Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Surf, Football, Sprint, Distance, Wrestling, Tennis