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What to Bring

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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What kind of clothing should I pack?

Modest attire is required at all times during Camp.  Mornings and evenings can be cool. Bring warm clothing. Keep your clothes and equipment simple - Camp is casual. Bring shoes and equipment you will need for the clinic sessions of your sport. Be sure all personal belongings are well marked with your name.

Do not bring jewelry, radios, CD players, mp3 players, electronic games or other expensive items. FCA will not be responsible for lots or stolen items.  We do employ social media during camp, so campers are welcome to use cellphones during camp at designated times.  FCA is not responsible for broken, misplaced, or lost personal property.

Make sure to pack toiletries such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, sunscreen, etc.

Basketball practice gear?

Shorts, T-Shirts, non-marking court shoes.

Baseball practice gear?

Baseball pants, T-shirts, batting helmet, cleats, glove, cap.  All general practice or game gear.

Sprint and Distance practice gear?

Shorts, T-Shirts, running shoes, stop watch.  Track spikes if your are a sprinter.

Football practice gear?

Shorts, T-shirts, helmet, mouthpiece, cleats. You must bring your own football helmet to camp in order to participate.  If you cannot secure a helmet, please contact our camp office so we can reserve one of our extra inventory for you.

Soccer practice gear?

Shorts, T-shirts, cleats, shin-guards.

Equipment for Surfing?

Our Surfing Camp is for beginning levels. You may bring your surfboard or boogie board if you have one. "Soft boards" are best if possible. Wet suits are not always necessary but they are good to have. We will have a limited supply to share. Bring the usual beach accessories to protect yourself from the sun; a hat and sunblock. It would also help to have a backpack or bad to carry your things down to the beach. The surfers will be transported by bus each do to the beach. They will be accompanied by FCA Staff, a FCA trainer, as well as our Clinicians.

 Please keep modesty in mind while planning swimwear for the beach.  We appreciate it! 

Tennis practice gear?

Shorts, T-Shirts, tennis shoes, tennis racquet.

Wrestling practice gear?

Shorts, T-shirts, wrestling shoes, head gear.

Golf practice gear?

Polo's, golf shoes, clubs, hat.

Softball practice gear?

T-shirt, shorts or pants, cleats, glove, bat, helmet.  Any other equipment you normally play and/or practice with.

Volleyball practice gear?

T-shirt, shorts, knee pads, water bottle, and any other equipment or gear you normally play and/or practice with.

Swim practice gear?

Swim suits, camps, water bottle, and any other equipment or gear you normally use in practice.